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Vietnam Vets
101st airborne
11th ACR
11th infantry
125th trans
15th Support
173rd airborne
18th Military Police
196th Infantry
198th infantry
199th infantry
1st Aviation
1st log
1st armored
1st Cavalry
1st field force
1st Infantry
25th infantry
2nd armored
2nd field force
44th med
4th trans
4th infantry
5th infantry
5th special forces
82nd airborne
9th infantry
Americal Div.
Mac V Sog
18th eng
5th Trans
1st Signal bde
20th Eng
187th RCT
2nd infantry
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101st Airborne
1st Signal Bde
25th Infantry Div.
4th Infantry Div.
1st Infantry Div.
2nd Infantry Div.
5th Infantry Div.
9th Infantry Div.
11th Armored Cavalry
1st Cavalry
18th  Military Police
Mac V Sog
173rd Airborne
Americal Division  23rd Infantry
82nd  Airborne
1st Field Force
18th Eng Bde
196th Infantry
1st Armored Div.
198th Infantry
199th Infantry
44th Medical
1st Log Command
1st Aviation Brigade
5th Transportion Cmd
11th Infantry
187th  Airborne  Regimental  Combat  Team
20th Eng Bde
15th Support Bde
2nd Field Force
125th Trans
2nd Armored
4th Trans Cmd
5th Special Forces
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124th Trans
US Army
504th MP  Dragon Fighters
It's easy 1 - 2 - 3
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